At Kansas City Dental Implants and Oral Surgery, we are committed to using best-in-class technology to provide a better patient experience. By deploying advanced imaging and other clinical tools, we can guide surgical outcomes, promote safety, expedite recovery, and more. In short, technology helps us take care of you better, restoring your smile with greater speed and safety.

If you ever want to see how our technology works, we welcome you to schedule an office tour. We are always happy to set your mind at ease, demonstrating our commitment to truly exemplary patient experiences.

Our Imaging Technology

Our oral surgeons use a number of imaging options to better assess your teeth, jaws, and gums. Advanced imaging ensures predictable surgical outcomes, and makes it easier for us to tailor treatment options to fit your needs.

Through the use of cone beam CT scans, we are able to capture accurate oral renderings, giving us a clear sense of your dental needs. The use of this technology eliminates the need for us to take impressions, which saves you some time and hassle during your treatment journey. In addition, we provide chairside X-rays, which help us to promote your comfort and reduce time during your oral surgery process.

Beyond our imaging technology, we also use digital workflows to ensure better-fitting prostheses, and provide shorter turnaround times for each patient. These are just a few examples of how advanced technology helps us prioritize your needs.

Learn More About Our Technology

Technology plays an important role in our practice, empowering our oral surgeons to better address your oral health concerns. If you want to see our technology in action, or simply to ask a question, contact Kansas City Dental Implants and Oral Surgery at (866) 988-1173.