Teeth can often become trapped inside the gums, erupting only partially or not at all. When this happens, it means that your teeth are impacted, and impacted teeth can contribute to pain, crowding, alignment issues, and an increased risk of infection. This is an especially common occurrence with the canines. At Kansas City Dental Implants and Oral Surgery, we can create a path for your impacted teeth to erupt as normal, helping you to avoid long-term dental complications. When we expose impacted teeth, we always emphasize your comfort and safety, and our ultimate goal is to help you smile again in total confidence.

What are Impacted Canines?

The canines, or eye teeth, are most prone to impaction. Impacted canines can occur for many different reasons, but the most common cause is insufficient space in the jaw. This may lead to overcrowding, misalignment of teeth, or the conflicting position of teeth in the jaw. 

It is also possible for canines to become impacted due to extra teeth in the jaw, leaving insufficient room for the canines to erupt as normal.

Treatment for Impacted Canines

Your treatment journey will begin with a consultation, allowing your oral surgeon to evaluate your mouth and confirm your eligibility for surgery.

Our team will offer a warm greeting and escort you to a treatment room, where you will receive anesthesia to keep you comfortable. Your oral surgeon will carefully remove gum tissue, exposing the impacted tooth and providing a path for eruption.

Treatment will continue with an orthodontist, who will connect a button and chain to your impacted tooth and gradually pull it into its proper position. This part of the treatment may take multiple months but will result in a healthy and restored smile.

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Through proper oral surgical care, you can expose your impacted teeth and ensure a full, healthy smile. Schedule a consultation with Kansas City Dental Implants and Oral Surgery to learn more.