Misalignment of the jaw can result in several issues, including chronic pain and difficulty chewing or speaking. No matter the cause of your jaw problems, you may be a good candidate for surgical intervention. At Kansas City Dental Implants and Oral Surgery, our oral surgeons can alleviate your pain, restore proper function, and prepare you to smile again.

What Types of Problems Does Corrective Jaw Surgery Fix?

Surgery may be the ideal resolution for any issue caused by jaw misalignment, which might mean a jaw that comes too far forward or is too far to the back. Jaw alignment issues can result in facial symmetry, pain, or impaired functionality, all of which we can address through surgical intervention. Our oral surgeons perform jaw surgery for patients with genetic jaw abnormalities or who injured their jaws in traumatic accidents.

The First Steps

Your jaw surgery journey will begin with a consultation in which your oral surgeon will perform a full physical examination, review medical images, and confirm your need for surgery. This is also a great time to ask questions about treatment, recovery, anesthesia, and more.

The Surgery

On the day of your surgery, our clinical care team will welcome you,  escort you to the treatment area, and prepare you for anesthesia to ensure your comfort. The specifics of the surgery can vary depending on your needs but may involve the jawbone being cut and repositioned. Following your surgery, you will receive additional treatment from an orthodontist to bring your teeth into proper alignment.

Recovery Phase

Before your discharge, you will receive full instructions for aftercare and recovery. The recovery process can last six to eight weeks, with the first week spent resting at home. During recovery, you will need to stick to liquids and soft food.

You’re in Good Hands with Us

While skeletal impairments or facial trauma can hinder your quality of life, jaw surgery can restore comfort, form, and function. To find out more about your options for corrective jaw surgery, contact a Kansas City Dental Implants and Oral Surgery office.